Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running Horns.

I actually saw this Running Horns few months ago over the net. The artist name UpTempo Lee from Hand In Factory in Korea. Also a member of the Coolrain Studio. So far I see at least 22 characters design for this Running Horns series. 3 of the characters are now available for pre-order and each is limited to 20 pcs. Available characters are Mighty Horn 10.6" ($400), Ad. Vexx 6" ($250) and Fire Horn 9" ($300). They will be hand made by UpTempo and the reason for the price different is because of the figure sizes. I would want to find out more about the sizes, but judging from the pics with a redbull can at least I would get an idea. 

Pre-order can e-mail: tj_park@naver.com 
pre-order period from May 25 - June 30.