Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fools Paradise - handmade 06 EARTHMAN.

Fools Paradise - handmade 06 Earthman ready for pre-order on May 30 at 8PM Hong Kong time. Figure is limited to 50 pcs and priced at $559 USD with shipping. Looking at the figure photos from Alan, I felt that even this is his sixth hand made figures, but each handmade has something different and added surprise for each handmade. Seeing Alan evolve since Custom Room, and then Boredomsqeezer and now Fools Paradise. 

Like the main color red for Earthman, the rabbit astronaut helmet is just awesome. Handmade does take lots of time and effort to create one figure, not like the factory made one. The head, helmet, shoes, outfit..all are handmade. While I'm still waiting the arrival of DaLowFool, I'm definitely in for Earthman.

part of my Fools Paradise....