Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

The Dunkeys Evolve exhibition opening is coming Sunday, two weeks ago I posted a 12" wood sculpted Pithecuse by wood sculptor Huh Yong. Here is the 4ft. wood Pithecuse in the work by Huh Yong. Again, both 12" and 4ft. Pithecuse wood statues is not for sell, is only for the exhibition. The one that is available is just the 12" hand made resin wood Pithecuse. Pre-order will close this coming Saturday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Joe Ledbetter - 12" Mutant Bunny...

I have few Jled figures in my collection, used to have Mr. Bunny and Fire Cat. But sold them few years ago. The Bunny gotta be his classic design. This time I'm glad to see the release of this 12" Mutant Bunny by Jled. Is a bit different and I have to say I do like the concept of it. 40pcs individually one of a kind design, casted bunny, hand painted by Jled himself. First round will have 5 Bunny available each cost $1500. This is basically getting a 12 inch sculpture and a painting in one. My favorite gotta be "Temper Bunny".

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wood sculpting Pithecuse.....

In preparation of the Dunkey Evolve, Coolrain is working with wood sculptor Huh Yong for a real wood Pithecuse sculpture for the exhibition. The wood sculpted Pithecuse will be showcase in the up coming Dunkey Evolve, pictures you see here is just the 12" wood sculpt, there is a 4ft. coming up as well to show at the exhibition. More image after the jump to see how to prepare sculpting for this Pithecuse.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

Back in 2009 Coolrain had his 1st Dunkeys Exhibition. The Pithecuse painting that Dave White did was the main feature of the exhibition. This time Dave White did another Dunkeys painting for the upcoming Dunkeys Evolve Exhibition, run from Sept 4 - 10 @ gallery imazoo in Seoul, Korea.

Coolrain x seman 10cm : Pithecuse wood pattern ver.

We first saw this Pithecuse statues by Coolrain Studio X Seman 10cm exhibition in the 1st Coolrain studio exhibition a long with the big versions. The statues is make from resin and hand painted in wood pattern stand 12" tall, limited to 100 pcs with a wood box package. 

Priced at $650USD each, max purchase is 2 pcs per person, pre-order date from AUG11 - SEPT3. ->PRE-ORDER<- After pre-order date price increase 20%. Since is a handmade item, so it need about 80 days. Like the design of this statue especially the clean shape, the statues is not just painted in wood but the sculpt is also have the wood textures on them, what even cool is that the little leafs will be added on the heart of the statues. more images after the jump.....

Friday, August 05, 2011

busy busy...~~~

I know that I didn't blog as much as before, even the collection photos can't even find time to take. Just being busy in life that's all, collection is just keep growing not decreasing. Next few months will be hitting the road again. Finally I fell for the Hot Toys Ironman series....and the upcoming Batman figures. Hot Toys is just on top of their games right now. Alright.....life move on...we'll talk soon.

Nike "JUST DONE IT!" exhibition by Michael Lau The Field House.

Last painting for the "JUST DONE IT" exhibition. Last painting in the series is "Michael Jordan", loved how he connected this painting to the gardener "Jordon" painting back in CSBOOTH15. Been 6 months since last release from ML, something will be coming up soon....stay tune.

Congrats to ML of getting the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Designer Toy Awards by Clutter Magazine.