Friday, September 12, 2008


Just arrive and feel damn tire cuz of jet lag. Need to head to mainland China today. To all my friends in HK...I'll give all of your a shout when I'm back from China and Japan.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Off we go again...!!

Leaving Toronto tomorrow morning with "P" back to HK then straight to China for business. Following will spend 3 days in Tokyo for business. After that my vocation begin until early October. This time I'm going to Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. After Japan will meet up with friends in HK to go for a short trip. Will try to blog a bit if I can.....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Heart to Heart.

Some of you that went to the michael gallery during CSBOOTH15.5. You might spot this sculpture in the studio. From the back there is a Chinese character "rat". Yes, this is a rat.

I know just a bit about this sculpture and project (correct me if I'm wrong), this will be a twelve years project. Since this is the first year to organize this exhibition, and "Rat" is the first animal in Chinese Astrology. The organizer choose rat to start off. This rat design consider western style meet chinese style. I think ML might be just a guest artist for this year.

Heart to Heart exhibition will be held from Sept 12-15, @ Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, HK.

...this rat remind me of CC14 PIG.

Monday, September 08, 2008

JORDON new hobby.

Enough basketball.....JORDON wanna become part of the Gardener so that he can skateboarding with Maxx and Tatto. Yes, he is still a beginner skater.


The white jersey JORDON release at CSBOOTH15.5 limited to 23 pcs. Package stay the same...other than the edition run and the color changed. I also notice that the back of the figure it say "JORDON" instead of "twothree", then under the show it say "twothree", this one is kinda like a combination of JORDON and twothree.

Other than that this JORDON design is the same as the one released back at
CSBOOTH15 the "twothree". Notice many North America collector like this round of new release by ML. Let's hope he can improve the quality and release more cool stuff.

Kennyswork : Copperhead-18 "Dr. Cube".

Received the normal version Dr.Cube last week. First thing I notice is Kennywork changed the package to a foam to hold the figure and then just a box. I actually like this new package compare to the previous one. The second thing I notice is some black tubes are missing, anyhow Kennyswork act very quickly by send it back to me by EMS.

The light in the helmet is a big surprise, I do like the red on the suit and the head sculpt. Back in January when I visited Kenny at his studio he showed me the red suit and the head sculpt of Dr.Cube without color. A great feeling being able to see the progress.

Blackberry BOLD.

Enough of the iphone. Just switch it to the BlackBerry Bold by RIM (Research In Motion). It got many new features in this Bold and the market they are aiming is different than iphone. I do enjoy the actual key pad more than the touch screen.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ashley Wood - Noir de Plume - SOLD OUT.

Ashley Wood - Noir de Plume, produced by 3A was available at 7:00 PM in my time (Toronto time). I'm able to get one and it sold out very quick....I would say in 2 mins. All 75 pcs Noir de Plume is SOLD OUT.

This time the figure with tee set cost $150 USD including EMS shipping. Last time the NOM with tee and signed cert. (50 pcs) was $130 USD with EMS shipping. Expect to be ship at the end of September.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ashley Wood - Noir de Plume.

Ashely Wood - Noir de Plume is going to start pre-order at Bambaland on the follow time and date on the poster. Noir de Plume is limited to 75 pcs and come with a t-shirt.

The previous release
Nom de Plume was limited to 50 pcs and come with a signed cert. by Ashley Wood. This one will not come with a signed cert.