Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tim Tsui - Da Warriors.

Da Warrior is going to release the second week of May, here is the usual color variant "normal, secret and battle variant" from Tim. The secret version look a lot like the Blood Diamond version, but is not better than Blood Diamond version. Battle version it got some crash dirty effect on the figure armor. I did not feel any of these color variant. But I do like Blood Diamond version and will get it into my collection.

Head back to Asia tomorrow for business....see you all in 2 weeks. By the time I return.....Blood Diamond Da Warrior, Winson Ma ICEonBLACK Adam and Kenny Wong Copperhead Dr.Cube should arrive or released.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

get ready for China & Taipei....

Last week was the opening of Tim Tsui Paris exhibition, same as usual is the Da Minci customize by Tim. I'm just interested in that Blood Diamond version Da Warrior. Thankx Doze.

Will be heading to China & Taipei for 2 weeks this coming Thursday for business. I'll have 4 days for myself in Taipei and will meet up my buddy Vince there.


I first got this 1st prototype Fulcraim by Haijin last year December, then just last month I realized there is a face under the helmet and of course the base for the other version. Just last month....Oneup released 44 pcs base for the collectors that bought the 1st prototype. Now...the figure got a new look.


Just visited a local comic store today...and spot this HellBoy animated action figure that I can't get my eyes off it. With the price tag just $16.99. The figure is about 6" tall and has 26 pts articulations. Figure come with a nice stand with the HellBoy logo and extra hand. The "right hand of doom" sculpt is just amazing.


Is a big disappointment that this is the last year for Boredomsqueezer. A passionate group that focus on hand made figures only. Look forward to their final work Walking Paradise.


Having fun with this new toy, a compact digital camera with a SLR sensor..!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tim Tsui - Exhibition @ Artoyz.

Next week on the 24th, is the first day of Tim Tsui exhibition at Artoyz, he will show his customize Da Minci, paintings..!! Last exhibition in London he sold his hand painted Da Poison Minci, this time he is going to do the same but another customize called "Blue Blood Minci" limited to 20pcs. Artoyz will also release "Da Warrior" the Blood Diamond version. I will get this version into my collection and that's it for Da Warrior...!!!

Ashely Wood's Bertie WWR.

Just saw this images from vinylpause, Ashley Wood's Bertie making it debut at the NYCC. I notice this figure for sometime now, and I'm sure I will get my hand on this version "Bloody Dirty Deeds". The figure is stand about 14" tall and it has 40+ points of articulation and crazy detailed accessories.

Great stuff Kilm (Bigshot Toyswork)....this is a really dope figure.


Arrived to Dallas, Texas on Thursday. Finished all my business and now will stay here for 3 more days with "P".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Michael Lau : S.F.J.J.

S.F.J.J. with his pet...!! This is not an official crossover product with James Jarvis. But the head is obviously look like James Jarvis signature design (potato head). Anyhow....this might be another figure tribute to James.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Joe Ledbetter - Smash.

Out of all the release from Jled, this Smash have to be the one that has the highest fun factor. You can pose this little guy in so many ways. So far there are 5 color variants for this figure, but brown is my favorite one. I'm sure there will be more variants to come. I didn't purchase the Ringo.....really not feeling that one. But I do love Mr.Bunny and Fire Cat, and the metal Bummer.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tim Tsui - Da Warrior.

Da Warrior by Tim Tsui - Blood Diamond version finally reveal. Available on April 24 7PM at Artoyz. The figure come with an extra face with a big red crystal on it and a spray can as usual. The packing is still the same by using totebag. This figure limited to 200 pcs and cost $125 USD.

Monday, April 07, 2008


My buddy Doze from secretlab Paris sent this to me today, his French series Dunny. One for me and one for "P". Your hand drawing look even crazy than the Dunny....hope that was the figure. Glad you are well introduce to the people in North America with this Dunny....and thanks bro.

PS: I flip over the Dunny and saw that little thingy on the figure...haha..nice touch.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Captain butter's friends TOY LIFE.

I bought this book (Captain butter's friends Toy Life) back in 2006 and haven't finish reading it. The creator of this book is from Taiwan and his name is Captain Butter. The content of this book is all about the friends of Captain Butter, on what they like to collect and also to show their home floor plan on how they display their collection.

As a collector myself....I really enjoy this book. The 2nd and 3th images that I show here is Kenny from Kennyswork. He collect dinosaur toys for over 8 years and in total he has over 500pcs of toys including his dinosaur toys. The 4th image is Captain Butter's collection.

PS: The book is in Chinese.

**Thanks for introduce me in your blog to the people in Taiwan and put me under your 17 must read toyz blog site.**